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*NEW* Dino Nuggies Fursuit Prop Plush

*NEW* Dino Nuggies Fursuit Prop Plush

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*NEW PLEASE READ* These are a new version of our nuggie plush! These are almost twice the size and the fabric is much softer. Please note that some review photos may be from the previous design.

Dino nuggie plush, perfect for a pillow or a prop! Choose from a T-Rex, Stegosaurus , or Brontosaurus/Brachiosaurus! Made from soft fuzzy fabric and stuffed with polyfill.

Measurements for each plush is listed below:
T-Rex is approx. 18 inches tall and 9 inches wide
Stegosaurus is approx. 11 inches tall and 17 inches wide
Brachiosaurus is approx. 11 inches tall and 18 inches wide

Each plush may vary slightly from the photos.

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