Plush Commissions

Here is a basic price guide for plush! The list below are price ranges for styles we often make, so you can get an idea of how much your character would be. Prices will vary based on difficulty. Most plush will stay within the range, with the exception of very difficult designs.

We take commissions throughout the year, about every 4 months or so. Commissions will be done by a submission/application process. Commission application form will go live on the home page when commissions open! Due to the growing amount of interest, there will no longer be a quote form, only an application process. Please only apply if you are serious about commissioning!

Please read our Terms of Service if you are interested in a future plush commission.

Want something completely custom? Please contact us to discuss pricing for custom projects.


  • $1000-1850+
  • Approximately 15" tall
  • Can fit into Build-a-Bear sized clothing/accessories
  • Custom clothing will be $20-60+ per article of clothing
  • Machine embroidered eyes/features


  • $600-800+
  • Approximately 11" tall
  • Machine embroidered eyes/features
  • Jointed arms
  • Clothes additional $20-60+ per outfit/article of clothing


  • $550-800+
  • Approximately 8" tall
  • Machine embroidered eyes/features

Teddy Tot

  • $550-800+
  • Approximately 6-7 " tall
  • Made entirely from sublimated velour/suede fabrics
  • Poseable armature and magnetic hands
  • Can have embroidered eyes or printed eyes
  • Can fit into most Nuimo clothes (stretchy materials recommended)

Beanie & Kuttari

  • 9" Long Beanie: $500-700+
  • 6" Long Kuttari: $300-450+
  • Machine embroidered eyes/features

Super Chibi

  • $400-650+ for 6"
  • $900-1200+ for 12"
  • Machine embroidered eyes/features
  • Base pattern is by SewDesuNe

Commission Examples